Leading The Way

This is the podcast that introduces you to the business and cultural leaders who are having an impact and making a difference. We are a collaborative group of thought-leaders, a distinct group of individuals, fearless in our conviction to influence, transform and empower our existence for the betterment of all.

Kevin Oakes - CEO, i4cp

The pandemic is creating an entirely new landscape for businesses around the world. Kevin Oakes is the CEO of The Institute for Corporate Productivity who study trends in the workplace. Oakes discusses what his company has found so far, and what the landscape may look like on the other side of the lockdown.

Conversation Not Confrontation

No one really knows what the world will look like once this pandemic is over. Angel and Scott are hopeful that some of the lessons we are learning now will carry over into that new world.

Allow Us to (Re) Introduce Ourselves.

Angel and Scott are back talking to the business and community leaders who are making a difference in our ever-changing world.

Roger Staubach - Super Bowl Champion

A Heisman Trophy recipient, an All-America collegiate quarterback at the United States Naval Academy, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Vietnam veteran, real estate executive and philanthropist, Roger Staubach elevates accomplishment to a whole new level.    In this week’s radio show and podcast, Roger shares with us his life journey and how he demonstrated a resilient leadership style throughout his career(s).  Roger, nicknamed “Captain Comeback” for a reason, consistently led his teams to success and became the master at overcoming adversity whether it be on the football field or in business.  This episode of Leading the Way is a “Hail Mary” pass into the end zone and you are sure to score with many takeaways so treat yourself to an action-packed hour of power.

Kathy Ireland - CEO, Kathy ireland Worldwide

From the cover of Sports Illustrated as the iconic swimsuit supermodel to the cover of Forbes as one of the wealthiest and most influential women in the world, Kathy Ireland joins us on Leading the Way Today to share her story, insights, and success.   In this special episode, we discuss how Kathy has created a billion-dollar enterprise and how her strong foundation of faith is at the core of everything she does. Kathy shares her wisdom gained from her successes and failures alike while providing advice on how to overcome challenges. You’ll be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, her mentors, Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Buffet, who shaped her as the leader she has become.  Meaningful discussions around so many organizational topics such as culture, diversity, inclusion, values, customer focus, generational differences, and philanthropy are what make this week’s podcast a must.

Cirque du Soleil

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil? Tour Publicist Julie Desmarais shares with us the history of this entertainment mecca, how they sustain their unparalleled innovation and the culture of this highly creative organization. And get a sneak peek at the first show they’ve ever done on ice, Crystal.

Phil Romano - Restaurateur, Entrepreneur

In this week’s episode, famous restaurateur, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, Phil Romano—founder of restaurant chains Fuddruckers, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Eatzi’s and his newest concept, The Network Bar—talks about entrepreneurism, how to appeal to the next generation of young professionals, mentorship, creativity, and the importance of “making a difference”. We discuss the inspiration behind his new book, The MAD Entrepreneur, and share some of his perspectives and “Phil-osophies” on life and leadership.

Doug Parker - CEO American Airlines

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is fearlessly taking his airline to new heights. With an emphasis on building trust, collaboration, and developing caring leaders, Doug declares they’re building a culture at American Airlines today that will take them well into the future.  He highlights their strategic objective to think long-term and what it takes to build a world-class airline by making culture a competitive advantage.  In this insightful interview, Doug shares his humbling story of what inspired him during turbulent times that changed his entire perspective to realize leadership is less about his career and all about the people who work there.  With so many great discussions about lessons learned, agility, strategic execution, leadership development, diversity, and inclusion, you’ll learn first-hand how Doug Parker, with a true frontline focus, is changing the way his airline does business.   American Airlines, the world’s largest airline and a company whose service has no boundaries, is truly being led by a boundary-less leader. You’ll ascend to a higher altitude as you tune-in to this week’s podcast and hear how Doug Parker is leading the way today.

Erik Anderson - Chairman TopGolf

In this week’s Leading the Way Today, we highlight how global sports entertainment company Topgolf is building a global sports entertainment community while disrupting the game of golf, introducing millions to the sport, and contributing to the growing billion-dollar golf industry.   Leading the way in innovation, Topgolf Executive Chairman Erik Anderson shares with us how the concept was invented and the creative ways they are reinventing their brand.   Anderson, who Golf Inc. describes as “the 8th most powerful person on the face of the Earth in the world of golf,” provides his perspective and application of “principled leadership” which he learned first-hand from his role models: his mom and the legendary coach John Wooden.  

Pam Iorio - CEO Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and former Mayor of Tampa, Florida, knows a thing or two about leadership. Pam shares key insights from her book, Straightforward and expands on the importance of mentorship, the significance of diversity in her mission-led organization, and what it takes for us to make the next generation exceptional. In this inspiring podcast, you’ll gain an understanding of how this national organization is doing its part to shape our world for a brighter future for our underprivileged youth. The podcast delivers a compelling message, a valuable reminder of the importance of being a role model in today’s world. “I think it’s important for people to value the years where they have a chance to make things happen, either in their community, in their job, in their family…cherish your years of significance.” ~Pam Iorio, CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Amanda Hill - CEO of Three Box Strategic Communications

Recently named to Dallas Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 List of top young leaders in North Texas, Three Box CEO Amanda Hill, is a leader on the rise. In this engaging interview you’ll hear from Leading the Way Today’s youngest CEO guest and gain her insightful perspectives of how she has overcome the challenges of being a dynamic millennial, woman leader. We discuss the topics of multi-generational cultures, her generational commonalities, work/life integration and communication strategies that are crucial for a business to be successful today.

Jim Lentz - CEO Toyota North America

JIm Lentz gives talks about his early influences and current leadership style as he heads one of the largest car makers in the world.

Patrick Esquerré, Founder of La Madeleine

Patrick Esquerre, Founder of La Madeleine French Bakery and Café, shares with us what is takes to truly lead with love and how having the courage to be unique (or as they say in French, “Vive la difference”) it what makes life enjoyable, energizing, and a fun way to live. Patrick takes us on a journey as he shares the history behind the success of this quaint food establishment with 90 locations and how his mentor, Stanley Marcus (Founder of Neiman Marcus), took him under his wing when he first came to America. He explains his inspiring motto for success in business and in life, “Listen, Adapt and Surprise!” which is outlined in great detail in his new book, entitled La Madeleine Love Story; Recipe for Happiness.

Steve Hatchell - CEO National Football Foundation

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’ll want to tune in to this episode of Leading the Way Today to better understand the business of football. Steve Hatchell, CEO of the National Football Foundation, talks about leadership, culture, teamwork and diversity as he joins hosts Scott Murray and Angel Carlton. Highlighting the many parallels between football and business, Steve addresses the critical issues football organizations are facing today and what they’re doing to overcome them.  He gives us a glance at the future of the game and how being successful on the field leads to success in life.

Chad Hennings - Super Bowl Champion

Three-time Super Bowl champion and U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Chad Hennings joins Leading the Way to reveal the most effective types of leadership he's encountered across his football, military, and business careers. In this episode, you’ll hear from a leader with a unique perspective on solving the identity crisis of our youth, why culture is the number one priority for any organization, and why he feels hiring military veterans gives his business an upper hand.

James Schenck, CEO PenFed Credit Union

Learn how PenFed has adopted systems and processes to cater to their convenience-driven, agile members and how they managed to stay ahead of the curve of technology to better serve their customer. You’ll be moved by the stories of how this philanthropic organization provided massive relief efforts during and after the recent hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico. Tune-in as James shares his passion for being a responsible corporation by rolling out a highly creative veteran-led entrepreneur and mentor initiative. PenFed Credit Union is truly leading the way by proudly living up to their mission of embodying the collaborative spirit of “people helping people.”  

General Robert Caslen Jr. - Superintendent at West Point Military Academy

Ever wonder what cadet life is like at the most prominent military academy in our nation? General Robert Caslen Jr., Superintendent at West Point Military Academy – founded in 1802 and the oldest of the five U.S. service academies – joins i4cp’s Leading the Way radio show and podcast to talk leadership, collaboration, character, inclusive teams, trust, and the power of an agile intellect.   In this podcast, learn about the strategy for developing the United States’ front-line military leaders, how West Point cadets are immersed in a military-oriented environment, and how they gain an unparalleled undergraduate education and leadership skills through a rigorous curriculum.   General Caslen also discusses ISIS and how he helped transform a hostile village in northern Iraq into a thriving, entrepreneurial community, now considered to be one of the safest places in the country.  

Pam Iorio - CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Pam Iorio, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and former Mayor of Tampa, Florida, knows a thing or two about leadership. Tune in to this week’s podcast as Pam shares her unique insights and valuable leadership characteristics from her book, Straightforward. She expands on the importance of mentorship, the significance of diversity in her mission-led organization, and what it takes for us to make the next generation exceptional.   In this inspiring podcast, you’ll gain an understanding of how this national organization is doing its part to shape our world for a brighter future for our underprivileged youth.  The podcast delivers a compelling message, a valuable reminder of the importance of being a role model in today’s world.  

Chris Policinski - CEO, Land O' Lakes

A dairy company-turned-technology trailblazer, Land O’Lakes is not just churning butter any longer. In this week’s episode of Leading the Way, Land O'Lakes CEO Chris Policinski explains how this farmer-owned organization is disrupting the agriculture industry.  Listen in to learn how this progressive company is using big data and satellite sensing technology to allow a farmer to grow more with less land, less water, and less crop input, which is good for the farmer and great for the environment. Chris and his team are “stepping up their game” to discover innovative ways that will meet the grand challenge of feeding the soon-to-be 10 billion people on the planet.  

Brian Schultz - CEO, Studio Movie Grill

Brian Schultz, CEO and Founder of Studio Movie Grill, a rapidly growing in-theater dining chain who has disrupted the movie industry, talks about leadership traits, talent retention, and overcoming resistance to radical ideas. Brian openly shares his journey to success and his passion for creating the ultimate customer experience. Get your popcorn ready and tune in to this week’s episode of Leading the Way Today.

Joe DePitino - CEO 7-11

The 7-Eleven brand is known around the world, and their iconic products, such as the Slurpee, are a big part of the American culture. Joe DePinto, CEO and the second CEO to ever appear on CBS’ Undercover Boss, gives us a peek behind the tremendous success of this 90-year old leader of convenience. Joe shares with us how innovation, customer focus, and community involvement have contributed to building a company brand that is synonymous with opportunity. Although many may be familiar with the principles of servant leadership, the team at 7-Eleven models every day, adheres to and has created a culture around it.

Rick Shadyac - CEO, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer as well as other life-threatening pediatric diseases. Rick Shadyac, CEO, ALSAC, the fundraising arm of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, shares with us how he is carrying the incredible legacy of the most innovative children’s research hospital, founded by Danny Thomas back in 1962, well into the future. In this week’s episode of Leading the Way Today, Rick shares with us his perspective of transparency, their strategy to raise over $1 billion this year and why St. Jude is such a great place to work. We discuss the caring and compassionate culture, how it began and what makes it stronger today than ever before. Rick shares with us their collaboration with major technology companies to expand their brand awareness and donor experience.

Gina Gallo

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, you’ll enjoy all that Gina Gallo, third generation winemaker, shares about her 85-year-old family business and how the success of the company is a direct result of each generation taking care of the next. In this podcast, Gina reveals the history of how her grandfather, Julio, started the winery and the advice he gave her that she still applies in her life and the business today. You’ll hear how the company is focusing on sustainability, going so far as to work with IBM and NASA to save water on the vine. Mentorship, diversity, customer focus, succession planning, philanthropy and the importance of protecting their brand are some of the perspectives Gina openly discusses.     So, grab a glass of your favorite vino and enjoy this winemaking history lesson as Gina gives us a look at life on the vineyard and how the Gallo Family is truly leading the way. Cheers! 

Tom Falk

Chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark Tom Falk talks about his leadership philosophies and the philanthropic responsibilities he and his company has.

Anthony Kennedy Shriver

Angel and Scott talk with the Founder and Chairman of Best Buddies International Anthony Kennedy Shriver about his organization's quest to end the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).