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Life Behind Bars is a service industry social club network discussing and showcasing everything service industry.

LBBPC #20 - Rollertown Brew Crew

Anthony & Noah get to chat with radio personalities Ben & Skin from 97.1 the Eagle. They go in depth about their journey to opening up a new brewery called Rollertown in Celina, TX which is the same town that Anthony & Noah opened up their new restaurant and bar. Wait till you hear about their Germain beer with the same characteristics as Dirk Nowitzki... @BenandSkin @benrogers @skinwade @TheNookCKMC @vokalnow #bevokal @rollertown

LBBPC #19 - USBG Prezz

Anthony & Noah get to chat with Naomi, the Prezz of the USBG Dallas chapter and they are doing some great things for the service industry during these times. #USBG @theusbg

LBBPC #18 - Deli Cup Water

Noah breaks down the unemployment service industry system. Opening up a new restaurant has a silver lining. Being in the weeds and drinking out of a deli 32oz deli cup feels so good!

LBBPC Episode #17 - And on a Positive Note

During a dark time for the Service Industry, two guys open up a restaurant in the middle of a lockdown and see some light. Info on loans and the Care Act. Thank you Lauren Rine and Luxardo for the swag and tasters.

LBBPC Episode #16 - Essential INMATES

Anthony and Noah connect from their own homes and chat about the current events within the service industry, what they miss most and how we are rethinking the way we do an opening.


Service Industry. COVID-19. Let's talk about it!

LBBPC Episode #14 - Craft Going Viral

Don't Shake customers' hands, the Coronavirus is coming, Right? Adam from Bottled in Bond stopped by to chat about how he started from dishwasher at Hooters to a creative, craft bartender

LBBPC Episode #13 - Dank Episode

Anthony and Noah invite Dallas bartender turned entrepreneur in the spirit game. Trea Feist walks us through his 18 month process, from bev nap to production, of Dank Vodka that will hit the market in a couple months. Also...made from cannabis terpenes....and tastes amazing

LBBPC Episode #12 Building a Culture

Anthony & Noah race back from their first orientation and chat about building a culture in the service industry. Noah brings up 8 things a manager of any business should NOT do. LBB is growing fast in 2020.

LBBPC Episode #11 - On the Fly

Anthony & Noah discuss their experiences opening up restaurant & bars and compare that with their latest opening. WhatsAPP is a great communications tool fror mgmt and Chandeliers can really tie a room together.

LBBPC Episode #10 - Cocktail Party

Anthony & Noah discuss craft cocktails with Shelby from TBD Kitchen and Ray from Pie314. They chat about their up and coming cocktail competition event Battle in the Burbs. They discuss the process of creating cocktails and working with cocktail in a high volume environment. A few shots of Makers Mark come into play, a "Daisy" is just a fancy word for a take on a margarita and some updates on opening up a new bar.

LBBPC Episode #9 - Grey Goose & Vodka

Anthony and Noah invite Nirvaana on to chat about service industry myths and situations we all encounter on the clock.... oh and noah went to bartending school.... just gonna throw that out there.

LBBPC Episode #8 - Capital on Events

Anthony and Noah discuss sports in the service industry and putting on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (as well as every day) events to help drive in business. INMATES, calm down.....

LBBPC Episode #7 - Service Industry Unite

In this Episode Anthony and Noah discuss mental health working in the service Industry. An Important topic that we have wanted to cover. We hope to create a dialogue bettering the mental health of all who work in SI.

Worlds Okayest Bartender

In Episode #6, Anthony and Noah invite John, the worlds okayest bartender, to guests spot and talk to us about his experiences all over the US. They explore travelling in the service industry as a source of income. Noah puts up some facts about imported wines. We also discuss the zen of working in the dish pit.

New Year. New You. White Claw?...

In Episode #5 we got to bring on the talented mixtress Michelle Ann to talk about taking on the new year a bit healthier while working those industry hours. Michelle approves the Claw. Noah expresses that it's a new year same Noah, and we think Anthony has a Celsius problem.

Last Call

In Episode #4 Anthony and Noah recap on their year in the service industry. Noah tells us how he took a $0.00 shift and turned it into a profitable night with in 24hrs. They share their most memorable NYE shift behind the bar. And the boys chat about going into the new year and new decade in the service industry.

The Triple Triple

In Episode #3 Noah and Anthony invite their good friend Brandon on as their first guest to discuss the adventures of opening a new location. The boys crack open a bottle of the new Jameson Triple Triple and do a celebratory toast on some good news that Anthony and Noah shared. They also show some amazing Baby Yoda Cocktails that INMATES have been posting on the LBB page.

Holidays Behind Bars

Noah & Anthony (Tony) discuss holidays in the service industry and the slow months that follow. They touch on the topic of family, holiday buyouts, tip-outs and show their favorite LBB post of the week about the amazing service on the Titanic.

Origin Stories

In Episode #1 Noah and Anthony talk about when they got started in the service industry and when they met. Noah talks about his time opening a salmanazar champagne bottle with a saber surrounded by Pokemon servers. Anthony discusses the origins of LBB and a post that sent good vibes through the service industry.