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Pages and Panels: The Podcast

You love them in video form. Now, they're here in glorious stereo podcast form! It's "Pages And Panels: The Podcast." Kenneth and Gabriel from Red Pegasus Comics are here with all the news and opinion they can fit into 30(ish) minutes.

Comic Industry Feuds

The guys take a deep dive into the fights, feuds, and forgotten creators in the world of comics and animation.

The Halloween Episode

Gabriel recovers from his lost voice and won't shut up. Kenneth is just along for the ride.

Back From Vacay

The guys return from a brief vacation and give an update on all things comics. Plus some special event announcements.

DC Comics Stumbles

This week Kenneth and Gabriel go over the latest releases from DC Comics.

Halloween is Coming

Kenneth and Gabriel talk comics in their new podcast home. Plus what's up with Spider-Man movie deal, the state of X-Men, and Gabriel talks his new favorite thing for Halloween.

Talking the Dallas Comic Show w/ Mark Walters’s Mark Walters joins the guys to discuss his upcoming comic convention, ‘Dallas Comic Show’.

Actual Comic Talk

Gabriel and Kenneth get down to business and actually get into talking about new comic book releases. Which ones should you avoid, which ones should be on your pull list? Have a listen and find out.

Even MORE Movie and Comic Talk

Gabriel and Kenneth have a spirited discussion of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Can you guess who liked it, and who didn't?

Pages and Panels-6-06-19

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Memorial Day Meander

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Pages and Panels - 5/09/2019

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Gabriel and Kenneth Clear Up Some Confusion

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Reddit: Not Just Trolls

Pages and Panels are back with the latest comic news. Fore more, check out their website

A Week Of DC Stumbles

New episodes of Pages and Panels only on

Dont sleep on this!

Pages and Panels are back with the latest comic news.

Furniture Talk!

Yes. It's true. Kenneth and Gabriel are talking furniture. Oh, and some comic news as well....

Happy Anniversary

Red Pegasus Comics is celebrating their 4th anniversary. Celebrate with them with some comic news, (comic related) TV, (comic related) movies and (comic related) toys.

Kenneth Doesn't Like Fun

Gabriel and Kenneth take a look at the new "Titans" TV show, and someone actually utters the phrase: "Sexy Freddy Krueger"

You See His Bat-What?!?!?!

Kenneth and Gabriel react to the new Captain Marvel trailer and the launch of the DC Black title "Batman Damned"

Under The Gunn

The fallout continues for Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. Plus, summer may be over, but there is still plenty of comic news to go around.

Pop Goes Gabriel

Gabriel will go to extreme lengths to find exclusive toys! Plus X-Men news and has "Aquaman" been spoiled by toy announcements?

SDCC '18 recap

TONS of news out of the San Diego ComiCon this year. Kenneth and Gabriel react to a (long overdue) surprise at the Eisner Awards, all the movie trailers and the major releases for the coming year.

Wedding Of The Century

Batman and Catwoman finally tie the knot, and a publishing decision has comic book store owners split on the benefits.

Taking A Dip In The Deadpool

Kenneth, Gabriel and James rip Deadpool 2 a new one... kinda. Plus a look at Man of Steel #1


A review of [Spoilers], Free [Spoilers] Day, and as always a new batch of [Spoilers] to talk about.

Infinity War

Infinity War... Infinity War... Infinity War... aaaaaannndddd Infinity War. Oh, and Free Comic Book Day.

Superman Finds His Underwear

Superman gets his briefs back. Batman gets hitched. And Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner.

South By Drive By

Kenneth and Gabriel swing by SXSW in Austin - check out their vacation slide show in this episode. Oh, and some comic news as well.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Kenneth and Gabriel review the Black Panther movie and talk about DC's surreal "Milk Wars"

Back To The Hispanic Thing

Kenneth and Gabriel welcome Jason Ashley from the "Movies And Stuff" podcast to talk about Marvel's "Black Panther" movie and the discussion surrounding the release.

Pages And Panels #9 - Funco Time

Gabriel expresses his hot take on nostalgia - plus Pop Figures everywhere!

Pages And Panels - Mystik U

Ever wonder what Zatanna was like in college? Wonder no more. Mystik U is out, and the Red Pegasus Comics guys are talking about it.

Pages And Panels - Reactor

Donny Cates is back with a new vampire series. Kenneth and Gabriel are here to tell us all about "Reactor"

Pages And Panels - Doomsday

A 30 year old comic finally gets a resolution. The Red Pegasus Comics guys are here to talk about the DC/Watchmen event.

Pages And Panels - White Knight

The Joker goes legit and goes after the real bad guy of Gotham: Batman

Pages And Panels - Nightwing

The original Robin has put a team together, and immediately regrets it! Find out why in this episode of Pages and Panels

Pages And Panels - The Hard Place

Talk about being in THE wrong place at THE wrong time... Hard Place is a heist story from Image Comics

Pages And Panels - War Mother

See what the world is like 2000 years into the future... it's... not pretty.

Pages And Panels - Inhumans

Marvel has a lot planned with this title as a new TV show sets to debut in the fall

Pages And Panels - Dark Nights: Metal

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