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Whenever a notable player reaches or nears retirement, the first questions asked is, “Is he a first-ballot Hall of Famer?”Well, we have the answer. That’s because this podcast is hosted by three long-time NFL writers: Clark Judge, Ron Borges and Rick Gosselin are three of the 48 selectors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Latest Shows

Art Rooney II: Fatherly Advice

On this Father's Day, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers talks about memorable Father's Days spent with his dad.

Steve Atwater: Returning to Denver

Broncos All-Decade team Safety Steve Atwater talks about his emotional return to Denver as a member of the New York Jets.

Steve Atwater: Super Bowl XXXII

Steve Atwater recalls Super Bowl XXXII which turned out to be his last as a Bronco.

Steve Atwater: Super Bowl XXXI

The Broncos met the defending champion Packers in the Super Bowl in 1998. The outcome was a little different than the first time Atwater played in the big game.

Steve Atwater: This Hit Heard Around The World

Steve Atwater's hit on the Chief's Christian Okoye on Monday Night Football was a play that made Atwater famous.

Steve Atwater: 1989 Rookie Season

After being the Denver Broncos first-round pick, safety Steve Atwater makes an immediate impact.

Ken Anderson: 1982 MNF vs Chargers

A re-match of the 1981 AFC Championship plays out a lot differently the second time around.

Ken Anderson: Super Bowl XVI

Former Bengals QB Ken Anderson recalls his only Super Bowl appearance: a 26-21 loss at the hands of the 49ers

Ken Anderson: The Freezer Bowl

QB Ken Anderson leads his Bengals to an AFC Championship over the Chargers in one of the coldest games in NFL history.

Ken Anderson: First MNF Game

Cinncinati Bengals QB Ken Anderson gets his chance under the lights in 1975... and makes the most of it.

Ken Anderson: First NFL Start

Cincinatti Bengals QB Ken Anders relives his first NFL start in 1971 against the Miami Dolphins.

Steve Spurrier: Starting New

All-everything Steve Spurrier is heading back into coaching... why??? Spurrier answers that plus his thoughts on Tim Tebow's new career in baseball.

Eddie George: Catching The Acting Bug

Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL RB Eddie George talks about going from the Gridiron to the lights of Broadway.

Mike Haynes: Super Bowl XVIII

The Hall of Fame CB recalls his LA Raiders win over the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII

Mike Haynes: What Does the Pro Bowl Mean?

Hall of Fame CB Mike Haynes made the Pro Bowl his rookie season. What adjustments did he have to make to play in that game?

Mike Haynes: The Game That Changed The Game

It was just an exhibition game, but a hit by Jack Tatum on Darryl Stingley left Stingley paralyzed and changed the way defense was played in the NFL.

Mike Haynes: 1976 Playoff Loss

Haynes had an amazing rookie season, but it didn't translate to postseason success.

Mike Haynes: Rookie Year

The former Patriot/Raider cornerback talks about his first year in the League which culminated in an NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honor.

Steve Tasker: 1995 AFC Wild Card Game

The former Buffalo Bills all-everything talks about his greatest offensive performance, his 1995 Wild Card victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Steve Tasker: Super Bowl XXVII

The Bills make it to their fourth straight Super Bowl - and the second against the Dallas Cowboys. What motivated them that year? Steve Takser joins the show with the answer.

Steve Tasker: Super Bowl XXVII

The Buffalo Bills make it to their third-straight Super Bowl - only to lose their third-straight Super Bowl. This time at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. Former Bill Steve Tasker talks about it.

Steve Tasker: The Greatest Comeback

All Everything Steve Tasker relives his Bills comeback against the Houston Oilers in the AFC Wild Card game in 1992

Steve Tasker: Super Bowl XXV

Former Buffalo Bill all-everything Steve Tasker talks about his Bills first trip to the Super Bowl - a last-second defeat a the hands of the New York Giants.

Eric DeCosta: Learning From Ozzie

New Baltimore Ravens GM Eric DeCosta talks about learning from one of the best in the business and the emotions of Ozzie Newsome's last draft.

Ernie Accorsi: Grading the Giants Draft

Former NFL GM Ernie Accorsi talks about the Giants taking RB Saquon Barkley instead of their QB of the future.

Mark Bavaro: Rivalry with the Eagles

New York Giants All-Pro tight end Mark Bavaro reveals his true feelings for the Philadelphia Eagles - feelings he had to check later in his career.

Mark Bavaro: Super Bowl XXV

Mark Bavaro recounts his Giants' improbable win over the Bills in Super Bowl XXV

Mark Bavaro: Super Bowl XXI

Former all-pro tight end Mark Bavaro discusses Super Bowl XXI when his Giants beat the Denver Broncos for their first Super Bowl championship.

Mark Bavaro: 1986 vs the 49ers

The march to the Giants first Super Bowl had to go thru the 49ers, and Mark Bavaro proved pivotal towards that goal.

Mark Bavaro: Rookie Season

Former all-pro tight end Mark Bavaro had an immediate impact on the New York Giants. In particular, an October game against the bengals.

Jerry Kramer: Super Bowl II

Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer talks Super Bowl II when his Packers beat the Raiders for their third straight championship.

Jerry Kramer: The Ice Bowl

Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer talks about the infamous "Ice Bowl" - the last-minute Packers win over the Cowboys.

Jerry Kramer: Super Bowl I

Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman relives the first Super Bowl where his Packers beat the AFL Champion Chiefs.

Jerry Kramer: 1962 NFL Championship

Hall Of Fame lineman Jerry Kramer recalls the 1962 season when his Packers won their second-consecutive championship.

Jerry Kramer: Playing for Lombardi

There was a time when Vince Lombardi was a rookie coach, and he had an immediate impact on the lowly Packers. Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer recounts what it was like when Vince arrived in Green Bay.

Steve Mariucci: Passing On Brady

Former NFL Head Coach Steve Mariucci takes you inside the scouting and drafting process and how a player like Tom Brady could end up slipping by everyone.

Bill Polian: Manning Or Leaf?

Hall Of Fame General Manager Bill Polian talks about the 1998 draft where his Colts had the top pick. The decision was not as easy as some may remember.

Gary Plummer: Making the NFL Safer

Former NFL linebacker Gary Plummer joins the podcast to talk about the recent rules changes designed to make the game safer and if he thinks they'll work.

Eddie DeBartolo: Helping Dwight Clark

Former owner of the 49ers talks about Dwight Clark's battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and if any of his current condition is tied to anything that happed as a player.

Joe Banner: Making Sense of Free Agency

Former Eagles and Browns executive talks about the 2018 free agency period and the current economics in the League.

Phil Savage: Picking Joe Thomas

Former Cleveland Browns GM looks back at the career of Joe Thomas and what made him worthy of a first-round pick in 2007.

Greg Aeillo: Talking Draft

Former NFL VP of Communications Greg Aeillo joins the show to tell some of his favorite stories from past NFL drafts.

Ty Law: Facing Brady

All-Pro cornerback, and Patriots all-decade team member Ty Law joins the show to talk about his time with the Jets and the game when he faced his old teammate Tom Brady.

Ty Law: Super Bowl XXXVIII

NFL All-Pro cornerback Ty Law talks about his Patriots win over a better-than-expected opponent Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Ty Law: 2003 AFC Championship Game

All-Pro cornerback Ty Law relives the 2003 AFC Championship game - a snowy matchup against the Colts. Law talks about his approach of preparing for Manning and Harrison.

Ty Law: Super Bowl XXXVI

The All-Pro cornerback is talking about his Patriot's upset win over the heavily-favored Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Ty Law: Super Law XXXI

All-Pro cornerback Ty Law joins the podcast to talk about the 5 most impactful games of his career. In this episode, Law recalls his first Super Bowl experience: a 35-21 Patriots loss to the Packers.

Jack Ham: Super Bowl XIII

Hall Of Fame linebacker Jack Ham recalls his Steelers' second Super Bowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII. Plus, Ham talks about the best team he was on that *didn't* win.

Jack Ham: Super Bowl X

Steelers' Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Ham joins to podcast to talk about his team's second-consecutive Super Bowl victory: a 21-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Jack Ham: Super Bowl IX

Hall of Fame linebacker recounts Super Bowl IX. Pittsburgh's victory over the Vikings gave the Steelers their first-ever championship and set them on their course of becoming the "Team of the '70's."

Jack Ham: 1974 AFC Championship

The Hall of Fame Steeler linebacker talks about the 1974 AFC title game against the Raiders. The game was the start of the Steelers' dynasty of the '70's.

Jack Ham: The Immaculate Reception

Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Ham recalls the famous "Immaculate Reception" game and tries to put to rest some of the controversy surrounding the play.

Rob Rang: Why Are Mock Drafts So Popular?

Rob Rang from answers the question: if mock drafts can be so wildly wrong, why are they still so popular?

Mike Mayock: Making Sense of the Combine

NFL Network Lead Draft Analyst Mike Mayock joins to show to talk about the NFL Combine and help make sense of all the numbers and how they affect team's draft plans.

Mike Holmgren: What Makes A Quarterback?

The Combine has passed, and the draft is coming up. When it comes to the quarterback position, what are coaches and GMs looking for? Coach Mike Holmgren joins the show to talk about the attributes QBs have to have to be successful.

The Hall Of Fame of Football Movies

It's Oscar time, but the Talk of Fame crew isn't talking about this year's nominees. They're discussing the best football movies of all time - which is a harder task than you might think. Check out who makes the cut in this episode.

Tom Flores: Super Bowl XVIII

Tom Flores wraps up his week on the Talk Of Fame podcast talking about Super Bowl XVIII and how a mid-season move may have been the spark the Raiders needed to go all the way.

Tom Flores: Super Bowl XV

Tom Flores became the first Latino to coach a team to the Super Bowl. In this episode, Flores talks about what pressure he felt leading up to that game against the Eagles.

Tom Flores: Super Bowl XI

As an assistant coach of the Oakland Raiders, Tom Flores and the rest of the coaching staff were extremely confident heading into Super Bowl XI against the Vikings.

Tom Flores: Super Bowl IV

Tom Flores was a backup QB for the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV, but there was a chance he could've started. Find out the amazing story in this episode.

Tom Flores: First QB Start

Tom Flores is one of only two men to win a Super Bowl as a player, assistant coach and head coach. Today, Flores recounts his first start as QB, which had a large social impact on the League.

Willie Lanier: 1967 Exhibition Game

Yup - they're talking about an exhibition game with Hall Of Famer linebacker Willie Lanier, but it wasn't just any game for the Chiefs... and the Bears were the victims.

Willie Lanier: The Longest Game Ever Played

Hall Of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier re-lives the 1971 Christmas Day tilt against the Miami Dolphins; a double-OT, playoff loss for his Chiefs.

Willie Lanier: 17-17 Tie

The Chiefs/Raiders rivalry in the AFL was so intense, even a tie game is worth noting. Hall of Famer Willie Lanier recalls one of the more intense games in their storied history.

Willie Lanier: Super Bowl IV

Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier discusses his Chiefs' win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV which would also be the last game played by a team from the AFL.

Willie Lanier: Chiefs/Raiders Rivalry

Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Lanier joins the Talk of Fame Podcast to talk about his Chiefs' 1969 playoff run and how heated a rivalry it was with the Oakland Raiders.

What Makes A "First Ballot" Hall Of Famer?

Respect the queue vs. best players on the list. Old school vs. new school. The debate rages on.

Jeff Legwold: Class of 2019

The Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2018 was just announced, but it's never too early to start talking about next year's class.

Mike Pereira: Super Bowl Calls

Former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira joins the Talk of Fame guys to talk about the calls (and non calls) from Super Bowl LII

Charles Haley: Super Bowl XXX

Hall of Fame DE Charles Haley wraps-up his retrospective of his five Super Bowl victories with a look at his most difficult season and the win over the Steelers. Plus a bonus tryout for American Idol!

Charles Haley: Super Bowl XXVIII

Hall of Fame defenseman Charles Haley continues to reminisce about his 5 Super Bowl rings. Today's episode looks at the Cowboy's back-to-back championship run and the tumultuous season that lead up to it.

Talk Of Fame Special: Josh McDaniels Reax

Josh McDaniels flip flops on the Colts. The Talk of Fame guys have their reaction and what the future may hold for McDaniels

Charles Haley: Super Bowl XXVII

Hall of Fame DE Charles Haley continues his conversations about all his Super Bowl victories. In this episode, Haley revisits his trade from the 49ers to the Cowboys that led to a new dynasty.

Charles Haley: Super Bowl XXIV

Hall of Fame DE Charles Haley relives Super Bowl XXIV when his 49ers dominated the John Elway-led Denver Broncos.

Charles Haley: Super Bowl XXIII

Hall of Fame DE Charles Haley joins the Talk of Fame Podcast to talk about his 49ers big win over the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. Plus, his thoughts on Montana vs Brady.

HOF Vote: Seniors And Contributors

This episode looks at the nominees in the Senior and Contributor candidate pool for the 2018 HOF class.

HOF Vote: Linebackers

Linebackers are the real "heavyweights" in the Class of 2018. How do they stack up and which one(s) is getting in?

HOF Vote: Defensive Backs

No position is less represented in the HOF than defensive backs. Will the Class of 2018 make any inroads? Goose, Ron and Clark debate.

HOF Vote: Offensive Line

The Football HOF Committee will meet in Minneapolis to vote on the 2018 class. Goose, Ron and Clark talk about the crowded field of offensive linemen.

HOF Vote: Wide Receivers

This week, the Hall of Fame Committee will meet to vote on the 2018 class. Goose, Ron and Clark give us a peek inside the voting process by debating the wide receiver nominees.

Tony Dungy: 1999 NFC Championship Game

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy recalls how his Tampa Bay Bucs defense was able to slow "The Greatest Show of Turf." Plus, how one play led to a major rule change.

Tony Dungy: 2003 Monday Night Football Comeback

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy re-lives the Colts' dramatic comeback against the Tampa Bay Bucs on Monday Night - it just so happened to be Dungy's homecoming in Tampa, too.

Tony Dungy: 2003 AFC Championship Game

The 2003 AFC Championship Game didn't go the Colt's way, but it did lead to some changes in the way games were called. Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy discusses that in this episode.

Tony Dungy: 2006 AFC Championship Game

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy talks about the game that got his Colts "over the hump."

Tony Dungy: Super Bowl XLI

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy talks about Super Bowl 41 in Miami and how his Colts team defeated the Chicago Bears - despite an opening kickoff blunder!

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