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Hacker Name Bracket Championship

Kyle Scarmardo calls out Mark Tierney for his unlikely support of Crypto. The Tech Fugitives also break down the top 10 Hacker group names. #bevokal #ONUG #hacker

We're all about the Octagon - Get sum

Mark Tierney & Kyle Scarmardo explain the Octagon and why you should get sum. #bebrave #bevokal

Lost Episode #3: Interview with Greg Ferro, Founder of Packet Pushers.

The very definition of why Tech Talk does NOT have to Suck. Mark Tierney and Kyle Scarmardo have a blast getting to know Greg. Mark gets schooled on 5G and we talk DPU's.... But not before we take a shot at Cloud AND Enterprise sales.... Sooo much fun! @etherealmind @packetpushers #bevokal @techfugitives #5G #DPU #cloudcomputing

Lost Episode #2, Tech Fugitives: Interview with PacketFabric Co-founder and CCO, Jezzibell Gilmore

This is the 3rd Female C-Level we've Interviewed with a love of physics under the hood. Is Jezzibell a both? Listen to this PacketFabric Co-Founder talk about her firm navigating today's business climate, while having a laugh with us! #both #bevokal #packetfabric #techtalk

Lost Episode #1 - Interview with Sue Graham Johnston, VP/GM Juniiper (formerly President, 128 Technology)

Sue Graham Johnston was an amazing interview. We are SOOOOOO sorry this took time to release. It's been a crazy past few months! Sue continues The Tech Fugitves series of smart & powerful women in tech. What we loved was her passion and her experience...she's actually know... WORK! Give it a listen... you'll get hooked on Sue!

The Tech Fugitives Octagon - Gluware

Our first oponent to come into the Octagon is Gluware. Purveyor of "Intelligent Network Automation".... We'll see. Welcome to The Octagon! #bevokal #gluware

Interview with Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder of Nemertes Research

What do Kayaking, Particle Physics and and old iPhones have in common? Listen to the Tech Fugitives interview Nemertes CEO, Johna Till Johnson and find out. #bevokal #onug #nemertes

Srik Soogoor & Shawn Wiora, Co-Founders of Maxxsure

This is the show where you find out what #cyberrisk REALLY is. What's your M-Score? What is your Over Reliance Ratio? What is your probelm? Only the Tech Fugitives can tell you! #gluware #bevokal #maxxsure #mscore

Interview with Jeff Gray, CEO of Gluware

We catch up with Jeff to get a feel on the work being done in intelligent network automation during the #Rona. #bevokal #gluware

Interview with Nick Lippis for ONUG DL Fall 2020....and Emojis

Nick Lippis visits with The Tech Fugitives and gives us a peak at the cake baked for ONUG DL Fall 2020. #ONUG #Emojis #techtalk # notsucking #bevokal

The Precious ... time is running out.... Tik, Tok

We discuss the origin or The precious and the demise of Tik Tok. Oh...and someone sunk at data center in the ocean! #bevokal #gluware #ONUG

Is Your Cloud Provider in Retrograde?

Mars will be in Retrograde during the 2020 election....What could go Wrong? But speaking of your Cloud provider....What could go RIGHT? #bevokal #gluware #techfugitives #wuawei #cloud #Jedi

Zoom Bomb Hacker Justice & Dell Makes an odd Workforce Move.

Mark gets justice from Zoom hackers. We also discuss a crazy decision by Dell to tell their employees their not worth fighting for.... very odd. #bevokal #Dell #Zoom #cyber #tiktok #google

IBM Cost of Cyber Security Report.... Tik Tok....

We discuss IBM's global study examining the financial impact of data breaches, Tik Tok's CEO spin .... isn't it ironic... don't you think. #itsnotirony #alanismorissette #IBM #cyber #tiktok #bevokal

Tik Tok Tears

Microsoft ... and ALL the hypers are not hurting during COVID. #AZURE #MICROSOFT #BIMI #EMAILHACK

Interview with Anamita Guha of AAAS and IBM

We catch up with Anamita on her role as IF/Then Ambassador and all things Quantum #Quantum #AAAS #Bias #STEM #bevokal #techfugitives

IBM Listens

IBM takes action.... and so are the hackers

Why NVIDIA hates us...

We discuss Easy Jet Hack and New NVIDIA drop.

Contact Tracing & AR/VR

Could there be some F'ery... Conspiracy Mark is in the house.

ONUG Pants Party

We recap ONUG Digital Live with #ONUG Co-Founder Ernest Lefner. We revisit #pantsparty virtual etiquette and have fun with @Google #perks

IBM CEO Answers the Call

IBM CEO finally Shows up for Earnings call and Hacker COVID Douchery. #IBM #bevokal #contacttracing #freepatents

Zoom Shwartz Refigliano

The Big Winners are.... Zoom and Infrastructure Hoarders #Zoom #infrastructure #bevokal #vokalnow #techfugitives

The Covid Show

We discuss the many apspects of Covid on Tech

Red Hat and OpenStack

We explore Red Hat's commitment to OpenStack as well as #slickwarp and #googleoutages

Supply Chain Smokers

We discuss the invasion of the Geese Snatchers and the havoc the Corona Virus is having on supply chains

Interview with Founder of GovCity - Molly Cain

We tall all thing Gub'mint....It's a secret cry for help!

Deep Fakes and Baby Yoda

Kyle thinks the Deep Fake of Mark looks like Nicholas Cage

We Loves the Hackers

We discuss the surge of imminent threats, not the least of which is fun with Iran

Interview with Dave Copps, CEO of Hypergiant Sensory Science

End of the year tradition with Dave. We dish on AI and life.

Amazon Sues the Jedi

Bezos is not getting the Happy Ending he hoped for on the Joint Defense Contract

These shoes were made for walking... Away from Amazon

Nike bolts and US Senate warns military about Chinese Tech

Interview with Jeff Gray, CEO - Gluware

Tune in now.

The Cloaking Device

Superpowers and Moonshots

The Bots are coming, The Bots are coming.

We tackle Bots and Cloud... Simultaneously!

Interview with Larry Lunetta

Larry is the Vice President of Security Solutions Marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Interview with Larry Lunetta

Larry is the Vice President of Security Solutions Marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

The Big Apple…Uhh-pdate

Spectacular Features and Moon “landings”

New gesture for your social credit score.

Tune into The Tech Fugitives for your weekly Tech Talk.

The Government Show

We talk gaming and government

The Hacker Brackets

What Hacker Group has the Best Names? We decide.

Heads up Magecart, the misses are flyin!

Autonomous planes, Rockets and Hacks. Also, whats in YOUR molecules?

HPE On Edge

HP Enterprise has great messaging on Edge Computing and their aggressive role.

The Facebook (and other's) horror show

Hold your hand up to the level of your eyes.

FireEye OMG, WTF

We talk anti-trust…but enough about Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Mark and Kyle go to Mars

We can't container ourselves

Hackers finally get their due

The bombs fall and so does the Red Keep.

Interview with Co-Founder & Co-Chair of ONUG, Nick Lippis

We talk with Nick Lippis about the upcoming ONUG event in Dallas.

Hyper-converged Alliances and Other Insomnia Strategies

HPE & Google join forces, tree falls in woods….no one hears.

The Final Battle of JEDI Begins

Microsoft and Amazon will play for defense contract domination, while Nepal bans PUBG.

Interview with CEO & Co-Founder of Trendata, Tom McKeown

Tom reviews the critical nature of employee analytics and the application of AI in successful HR organizations.

Article 13, the death of memes?

The EU got talked into copyright laws, while FB got talked OUT of $100 million dollars.

Interview with Co-Founder & CEO of MyndVR, Chris Brickler

See how Virtual Reality is changing lives for Seniors

What did YOU do when FaceBook Crashed?

We explore idle hands....and Cloudera....yeah....Cloudera.

CoW...Abunga...More MAC flaws

Apple, This is Google we're here to help.

Huawei is Beautiful

If a child sings about the tech… you can automatically trust it.

IBM On The Ropes

Hacks, malware and HR malfeasance

IBM Think 2019 Recap

Mark gives his initial impressions.

Amazon Goes Nuclear With Transport

..and Huawei diffuses their own bomb.

Interview with Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Hypergiant, John Frémont

Get to know John, the history of AI and (better yet) the FUTURE of AI.

The Polar Vortex, Business, Batteries & Boy Bands… Wait, WUT???

We even make International Cyber Threats work… come see HOW!

Phishing from the Honeypot

Fidus InfoSec Exec turns tables & Microsoft’s Nadella speaks wisdom.

France - We Are at War

France is throwing off the Cyber gloves and Hauwei whines

China kills cotton seed…The world is silent

We love Apple’s Tim Cook privacy answer

Top Ten Tech Issues - MS Sets the Curve

We also discuss the return of DNS Hijacking and CRED Stuffing

Amazon dumps Mongo & MacKenzie

We go all TMZ over AWS hating on MongoDB

Welcome 2019, C’mon in…the water’s warm

We ReCap 2018 and look forward to 2019.

The Tech Fugitives Interview with Dave Copps CEO of Hypergiant Sensory Sciences

We explore Dave's newest project and the state of AI in the world.

Christmas package Surprise

Why robots pick the best presents

FireEye CEO claims there will eventually be established norms for “fair game” espionage...WRONG!

We also explore the disheartening root cause of Equifax hack….ugh!

Doom & Duke Nukem… Apparently the state of the Internet, according to Inventors.

Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee ring the warning bell.

If you would like your Passport back, please call President Xi. Thank you for Staying at Marriott.

Also cool interesting Amazon breakup predictions.

Interview with Maxxsure Co-Founders, President, Srik Soogoor & CEO, Shawn Wiora

We discuss the “Six Pillars of of Cyber Risk Assessment"

What are the Tech Giants doing with all that cash?

We also dig into “RowHammer” exposure and talk Mars Landing.

The Thanksgiving Show

Stuffing the Chinese Turkey with Trade Secrets

ONUG Co-Founder & Co-Chair Nick Lippis

We recap ONUG Fall 2018

Stan Lee And The Death of Underoos

Also discuss deep throat informant on Google, regarding Dragonfly.

Matt Konda - Founder and CEO of Jemurai

Matt is extremely technical... and we discuss the pros of cons of that as a CEO.

Ernest Lefner - Guest Host & Co-Founder of ONUG

We review the latest ONUG event and also talk some Amazon HQ2

Red Hat's Impact on IBM Enterprise Storage Business

Mark gets worked up over male dumbness... Kyle throws cold water.

IBM's purchase of RedHat... Desperation Move?

The Halloween show also features scary ISP security failures and a Presidential swing at China.

It's BANDWIDTH, Not Speed!

Also, Tesla bumps and GitHub borks.

Oracle Love

The Tech Fugitives actually show love for Oracle without wrapping bacon around them.

Cascading Outages... Latest Victim: YouTube

We also debate ongoing issues with VMWare and IBM.

AT&T’s Massive Internet Outage. Expect Birthrate surge in July.

The Fugitives also discuss MIT’s sweaty wad of cash and why China is the biggest threat to Intellectual freedom.

Google's Rocker... Being Off It

Google says it has many personalities... some of them are cray, cray.

Hackers... Hackers Everywhere

It's hard to do a tech story anymore that DOESN'T involve the hack.

The Tech Fugitives Interview Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Director of Offering Management and Distinguished Engineer for IBM Watson Internet of Things.

We discuss the life of an inventor at IBM and lots of IoT!

RedHat crushes it on revenue…Gets Stock crushed anyway.

We also dish on Mirai Hackers getting participation trophies.

Oracle’s Cloudy outlook. Sky's Dim.

Also Space X first tourist booked for the moon. Only gets one carry-on.

JP Morgan/Chase Hacker Extradited... FINALLY!!!

Also, some cool consumer tech and gaming updates.

DARPA Just Wants Your Vacuums to Work Better

Also... what if Spicolli was Elon Musk's press agent?

Storage Containers? Sounds Like There Should Be A Store For That

Catch that and Bitcoin carnage and a win for face recognition... they caught one... a bad guy this time.

Facial Recognition

The Tech Fugitives try to see if they can recognize each other better than an algorithm.

VMWare Gets In Line... To Fail

The Tech Fugitives discuss how some are too ready to capitulate.

VMWare Gets In Line... To Fail

The Tech Fugitives discuss how some are too ready to capitulate.

Future Cities, LLC Partners Pete DeNagy & Mark Caracio

Exploring IoT's role in buildings, power and public safety.

GitHub... It's Coming Along Nicely

Microsoft's formula for GitHub, let them flourish... it's working. Lot's of other Geek news, including AMD chip security.

Crypto Market Crash... Mark Laughs Maniacally

Crazy crypto chronicles and cheating China Chyber... er... Cyber.

Defcon. Feel the Fear And Log In Anyway

We discuss some amazingly scary hacks and explore just how low Oracle is willing to go.

Oracle says, "We Didn't Want To Be On Your Stupid Cloud ANYWAY!"

We also talk "unhackable" bitcoin and Google's China love.

AI breakdowns? The Headlines are NOT the Whole Story

It's not fake news, but sometimes the devil's in the details.

Oracle Overlords are preparing your AI Masters

We cover a LOT in this episode, including EU bank regulators warning FINTech moving to the cloud.

Amazon Wipes out Billions

Amazon wipes out billions in value while Cisco and Azure wipe out their platforms.

Interview with TJ Kennedy

The Tech Fugitives interview the former President of the First Responder Network and Co-Founder of the Public Safety Network.

Jeff Bezos Can Now Get His Pills For FREE

Oh, and IBM employees... act normal!

Workers Unite... Again!

Amazon workers take a page from the Google playbook. Plus, robots... always robots.

Big News At Intel, Amazon And Google

The Tech Fugitives discuss Intel's CEO indescretions and the War on Elon.

Docker & Bitcoin Morality

The Tech Fugitives discuss Docker, Docker Hub malware and more from your Big Brother, China.

Charles Henderson - X-Force Red

The Fugitives interview Charles Henderson, Global Managing Partner of X-Force Red at IBM. Henderson shares amazing anecdotes on today's threat landscape.

MIT's "Psychopath AI"

MIT has an AI project called "Norman," and it sounds... pretty scary actually.

Don't Be Evil... Google

Google removes their famous "Don't Be Evil" clause from their mission statement. Are we surprised?

Alexa Is Bugging Us... So To Speak

The Fugitives break down the Alexa, Cisco and National Australian Bank's breakdowns.

Interview with Nasuni Chief Product Officer

We explore the latest in cloud-based storage for unstructured data and NAS workloads on Nasuni.

Interview With Dr. Hillery Hunter & Dr. Stefanie Chiras from the IBM Cognitive Space

We explore IBM's Power 9, IBM AI partnerships and commitment to Open solutions.

How To Be In A Super Position Of Good Ideas and Bad Ideas Simultaneously

The Tech Fugitives discuss China's Show Credit Score system, serverless and why experimentation and failure are your keys to success.

The Big Short’s Steve Eisman Channels The Tech Fugitives

The Tech Fugitives catch up on tech news and announcements after being on break. Mark rants about Quantum and Kyle throws some support to Elon during a tough time.

Tech Fugitive Fan Hack Someone Out Of Jail... Almost.

Also on the show, Apple eyes smart Glasses…outlook is blurry.

Adam Jacob - CTO, Chef Software

The Tech Fugitives talk with Adam Jacob, co-founder and CTO of Chef

The Tech Fugitives announce the Phishing Tournament...Win big Prizes

Mark's biting, so send in a thumb drive loaded with malware and a label that's sure to lure him in. We also discus Elon Musk Party balloons, the Blue Tick and other super heroes.

With a Booster Seat, Zuck Can Almost See Russia From Here

The Tech Fugitives also pile on China... even though they invented a nanofilm thinner than Mark's hair.

Anamita Guha - IBM Product Manager for Watson Developer and AR/VR Labs

Get your virtual AND augmented reality adjusted by The Tech Fugitives... and VERY smart industry expert Anamita Guha.

Let's Look For A Job Together

Will automation save us from ourselves? And which of the Tech Fugitives will the AI robots kill first? These and other live-altering questions will be answered on this episode.

Technical Debt: Why You All Owe The Tech Fugitives

Don’t become technically bankrupt. ALWAYS listen to The Tech Fugitives. Today we explain that there’s no hole deep enough for Facebook’s problems, AWS security goodness and Microsoft huge investment IoT. Plus, why is no one ACTUALLY exploiting Spectre? Hackers need to step it up.

Is Jeff Bezos Voldemort?

The government makes its way into the cloud which leads to a discussion about privacy then Amazon in the enterprise space which naturally dove-tails into a dialogue about Harry Potter... The Tech Fugitives!

Rebecca Wooters - Citibank Executive

The Tech Fugitives talk with Rebecca Wooters, the Global Head of Cards Customer Experience and Digital Strategy for Citibank

The Dirty Ashtray Episode

The Tech Fugitives are back from IBM Think 2018 in Vegas. The show was great. The accommodations... not as much. AI, Blockchain, Encryption and more all on the docket.

Eric Herzog - Speed And Feed

The Tech Fugitives talk with IBM CMO and VP of Worldwide Storage Channels Eric Herzog about the challenge of simplifying the "Storage Message"

IBM Think 2018, Part Uno. How Big Is A Grain Of Salt.... REALLY?

Initial impressions of the IBM Think 2018 Conference. IBM creates the world's smallest computer. Is Bitcoin ushering in the next dot-com style crash? And Uber self-driving car involved in a fatal crash.

Oracle Back Peddles HARD. Maybe Something CAN Escape A Black Hole... Just Like Hawking Said!

An homage to Stephen Hawking, there might be hope for Intel Threats, and Oracle... finally admits cloud computing just might be catching on.

Amazon, The 3rd Largest Bank? Who Knew? The Tech Fugitives Knew!

The burning questions in this episode: What bank will partner with Amazon? How do you want Flippy to cook your meat? And can men survive their own dumbness?

Artificial Intelligence. "Pure" Expert Review

There’s nothing more fun than talking about killer apps and killer robots, but the serious side of AI is so compelling that the Fugitives have brought in a real expert. Roy Kim, with Pure Storage, helps us explore the technical and philosophical side of AI. This is NOT just a Storage discussion, so open your hearts and open your minds to The Tech Fugitives

Brought To You By The Letter 'N'

China bans Winnie The Poo (no really), Flash uses continues to drop and what the Facebook/ZipRecruiter partnership means for LinkedIn

Crypto Peeps Know How To Party

Apple, google, Microsoft 365 and BI make it rain, Kyle gives a Jenkins lesson and AI is even scarier than Mark thought!

Delphix Founder Jed Yeuh - Redefining Data Virtualization

The Tech Fugitives talk with Jedidiah Yeuh about his best seller "Disrupt or Die." Now they go deep on Delphix and how Jed redefined data virtualization.

How Many Ads Need To Be Blocked Before You're Happy?

The Tech Fugitives discuss Google's move to block certain advertising "strategies." Also updates on 3D Printing in space, The Russians and Dtrace is now Open Source... but Kyle still hates Oracle!

Corporate Sustainability....and the Attack of Boston Dynamics.

The Tech Fugitives interview Nelly Andresen, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, North America at Ericsson. We also discuss how not to die living with robots.

Containers...and why we can't have nice things

The Tech Fugitives are back with the unique views on the tech world.

Cybersecurity Awareness Project

The Tech Fugitives crack CyberSecurity with Eliot Liebowitz, Founder of "The Cybersecurity Awareness Project".